Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wynwood Art Fair

Miami is quickly becoming one of the largest art capitals of the world.
Wynwood has become the essence of the art movement that has arrived in Miami.
Every second saturday of the month they host their prominent "Wynwood ArtWalk"
This weekend, October 21-23 Wynwood is hosting the "Wynwood Art Fair"
The Art Fair is open from 10AM-6PM Friday through Sunday.
The $10 entry fee is completely worth the unique art you are able to see.
Many of the pieces are interactive, in which the viewers may contribute to them by drawing, painting, speaking, and more...
Not to mention, the proceeds of the fair go to Lotus House, a shelter for women located in Miami.

"Give A Wall Street Banker Enough Rope And He Will Hang Himself"

Photos & post by: Bacci


  1. woooowwww wish i was there. it looks like a dream. i love the last picture!