Tuesday, October 11, 2011

La vie en vida, Calle Ocho Miami.

As a child every weekend I was shipped off to the far land of Key Biscayne, forced to spend every waking hour with my Cuban grandparents. After school on Friday, my sister and I would climb into their powder blue Cadillac, extremely excited... Not necessarily for the weekend to come but for the promising trip to what most Cubans would consider the best Cuban restaurant in Miami, Versailles.
Pumping out the best croquetas, pansito, palomilla and anything else that will make your mouth water for exactly 40 years.
I and many others have celebrated not only our baptisms, but birthdays along with our first communions and confessions here... Any excuse for the large extended family to fill the entire back section of the restaurant. 

La Casa de los Trucos, a store that once again reminds me of my childhood. 
Located on 8th street and 13th ave, this store carries everything from mustaches made out of real hair to farting beans.
Not far down the road on 19th ave lies Mr. Yum, an Asian Bistro.
Mr. Yum is a local favorite, although it's a bit pricey it's worth it.
My favorite dish on the menu is the Calle Ocho Tuna. (pictured above)

Lincoln-Marti day care center, need I say more? 

photos & post by: Viki

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