Thursday, November 3, 2011

Miami Snapbacks

 Miami Snapbacks started by high school senior, Stefano Balli, is his own small business run directly from his home.
His goal is to bring a new era of the snapback style; offering a wide variety of leagues and individual teams and in a few short weeks college teams as well.
The hats range from $20 to $30 dollars and can be ordered directly from Stefano. 
(purchase information below)

 Photos by: Viki & Bacci
Post by: Viki

Monday, October 31, 2011

Harry's Pizzeria

If you've been to the Design District lately, you had to have noticed how much it's grown...
Most of the major designers have now chosen the Design District to be the area where they open their new stores.
Not only does this area have a lot of class, it has some of the finest restaurants in Miami.
If you are a restaurant connoisseur, you have to know one of the BEST restaurants in town: Michaels Genuine.
Known for his small plates, Michael Schwartz opens his newest hot spot: Harry's Pizzeria
Step inside and it feels like you're in a small restaurant in the heart of New York City...
Each item on the menu is something you've never had before...but everything is sure to get your taste buds going...

Photos & Post by: Bacci

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wynwood Art Fair

Miami is quickly becoming one of the largest art capitals of the world.
Wynwood has become the essence of the art movement that has arrived in Miami.
Every second saturday of the month they host their prominent "Wynwood ArtWalk"
This weekend, October 21-23 Wynwood is hosting the "Wynwood Art Fair"
The Art Fair is open from 10AM-6PM Friday through Sunday.
The $10 entry fee is completely worth the unique art you are able to see.
Many of the pieces are interactive, in which the viewers may contribute to them by drawing, painting, speaking, and more...
Not to mention, the proceeds of the fair go to Lotus House, a shelter for women located in Miami.

"Give A Wall Street Banker Enough Rope And He Will Hang Himself"

Photos & post by: Bacci

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Miami Marine Stadium

Ever noticed that odd-looking concrete building while driving into Key Biscayne?
That building, believe it or not was once a thriving marine stadium and today it is considered to be one of America's most endangered historic places.
The zigzag canopy (now covered in graffiti) floats over Miami's beautiful skyline. 
In its 30 year lifespan, the venue served as a place for locals to watch water sports, concerts, rallies, etc. After Hurricane Andrew in 1992, the building was deemed unsafe by Miami-Dade County.
Walking into the stadium now, you'll find broken glass, empty cans of spray paint, rotting wood, rusty steel and walls full of graffiti. 
Despite it's condition, it is still and will always be one of the most amazing places in Miami.

post & photos by: viki
(end photos by: bacci)

Key Biscayne Bridge-ing...

The Key Biscayne bridge: probably the road with the best view of the skyline of Miami.
Driving on this road during any time of the day is spectacular
However there is much more too the bridge then most people know.
The bridge also serves as a workout haven to those who love a challenging run
Across the bridge and back runs a total of around 1.5 miles, which is a fairly good workout
Under the bridge there are also people who fish, skate, and just sit and relax
One view you get is pure ocean, and on the other side you have the amazing Miami Skyline
If you ever get bored one day and have no where to go, you should definitely try going here...

^ (photo by viki)

Photos & Post by: Bacci